Healing Sessions


Before the appointment, I begin by assessing your needs and expectations. This helps to guide the session.


While lying comfortably on a Reiki table fully clothed, I start with a short meditation. An intention is then set and an affirmation is given. I then begin Reiki. During Reiki, some people report feeling warm or cold sensations, smelling certain scents, tingling, energy moving within the body, peace, relaxed or nothing at all. It may feel uncomfortable at times as your body is releasing what it no longer needs. Some people fall asleep. If you have multiple sessions, your results may be very different each time. 


Discussing your experiences (messages, visions, feelings, emotions or anything else) is a vital part of a successful treatment. I also encourage journaling and drinking lots of water to help the cleansing process. 


The Result

Results are unlimited! Some people feel more at peace or energized while others have life changing transformations. Results may continue after the session is over. Sometimes it's different than what you expected. I am always in awe as I witness the power of the Universe. It always gives you exactly what you need!

Session Lengths

30 minutes 

45 minutes 

60 minutes  

*Please review the "Appointment Policies" 

(Photo: Tibetan signing bowl and Reiki charged candles in the Goddess Reiki Room)