The Divine Feminine

Mother Goddess Energy: The Driving Force Behind What I Do

Our planet has suppressed The Divine Feminine/Mother Goddess. In the traditional patriarchal rule, we only hear "Father God." My question is, "Where is Mother God?" This aspect of existence has been purposely hidden to advance agendas for the planet that are not in the best interest of humans and our spiritual evolution. The matriarch of the universe is making her powerful presence known!

There is a feminine side of our creator and creation. If not, there would be no females on Earth. The Divine Feminine is the nurturing side of life. It is what brings healing, love and compassion. This is what Goddess energy is all about. When this energy is suppressed, the whole planet and everyone on it suffers. When The Divine Feminine is balanced and in alignment with The Divine Masculine, Earth and the entire universe benefits. Strengths that define each one is brought to the surface in powerful ways that produce positive results. 

As we can see from our current condition of the planet, we are in dire need of strengthening The Divine Feminine energy within ourselves and all living beings. Because we are all connected, we feel the pain of the planet. We also feel the Goddess energy when we take steps to bring healing and cleansing to our lives. Goddess energy is what heals. Goddess energy wants us to live a pain free life filled with love and abundance. When just one person heals themselves and brings balance to their life, they are healing the planet. We all feel the energy because we are all connected. We are all One.

Goddess energy/ The Divine Feminine/Mother Goddess is rising to healthy levels on Earth. It will continue to grow and expand. Once it is at optimal levels, it will be sustained. The future of humanity depends on it. She will liberate the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Goddess energy is rising and here to stay! Thank you Mother God!